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First discovered in 1990, Lithium Quartz is only found in one location. Mined in Brazil, Lithium Quartz contains 3ppm of Lithium. Lithium Quartz receives its unique hue from Lithium coloration. Although Lithium Quartz is mostly sold in the form of points, it can also be polished and tumbled. One of a kind and truly sensational, Lithium Quartz is a crystal that attracts the eye of many gem lovers.

Lithium Quartz activates the base chakra, encouraging a greater sense of calm, and security. The crystal allows for an easy flow in life, and is known to dramatically reduce anxiety. Eradicating symptoms of unease from the body, Lithium Quartz has the special ability to repair and restore hostile environments. It acts as a guard against worry, and increases tranquility in daily living.